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About Us

Attalia Trade established in Antalya-Turkey as it old name in July 2016 by Mariano Jose Amo LOSADA who is from Spain. That's why Attalia Trade is multicultural, open minded, dynamic and disciplined company from top to the bottom.

    Attalia Trade is very young although accommodates an experience of over 30 years. As we are Attalia Trade, serve to companies  for create new trade links with experiences acquired from different sectors to improve relations between countries, cultures. Because of this purpose we work as you partner. We actively works special and professional suppliers from many sectors in Turkey. These are Foods, Custom, Textile and Packaging sectors and our professional agents already work in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland.

    Finally our motto is ''Good quality with good conditions can be on time by true contact'' and our familiy getting more bigger with this understanding everyday.



    Dear Visitors,

Mariano Jose AMO LOSADA
Founder and General Manager

Specially, we establish Attalia Trade in Turkey because of Turkey’s rich possibilities and benefits from its geographical location. This situation, bring to Turkey ‘the ideal partner’ position, especially in trade with Europe. Production can be cheap than Europe but quality same as Europe and better than Asia.

    Also other important things are transportation and hour differences about trade conditions. Communication with Asia difficult because of language, letters and time differences between Europe and Asia. With all of these, doing trade gets more hard. On the other hand you have to calculate transportation days and expences. For example, transportation by ships from China to Spain takes one month. But it just takes 15 days from Turkey to Europe.

    At the end, as we are Attalia Trade give to our customers professional suppliers from Turkey. Attalia Trade only collaborate suppliers who can produce with European standarts quality and health certificated goods. Of course with our observation, professional support and experiences, doing trade is more safety and easy. When ever you need, we are here for to giving service to you.

     Good trades to you.